Mesotherapy: $175 // 60 min
Interested in botox but don't want to experience needles? Try Our Signature Facial- Mesotherapy! Mesotherapy is a non-injection therapy that stimulates the muscles that need help lifting and firming while giving energy to ATP cells using a special machine. This therapy also produces collagen and elastins giving you an instant lift while plumping and firming your skin. 

This facial is a perfect treatment for anti-aging, pigmentation concerns, and all grades of acne-prone skin.


You'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Eye puffiness and dark spots are reduced

  • Cell metabolism and oxygen saturation of tissues are increased

  • The muscles of the face are trained

  • Elasticity of the skin is improved

  • The face acquires a healthy color

  • Wrinkles are smoothed 

  • Toxins are released


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