All-Natural Botanical Chemical Peel: $125 // 65 min
Chemical peels employ application of a selection of chemical solutions in order to eliminate damaged and dead cells from the skin’s outer layers. It benefits several skin issues including rosacea, sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation and light-related aging. The tone and texture of your skin will improve through hydration, reduced pore size, blemish clearing thanks to the combination of dead skin cell removal and subsequent stimulation of cell regeneration. It also minimizes wrinkles and regulates production of oil to create a general healthy tone.

  • Apple Peel: Apple peel helps exfoliate and offers nourishing antioxidants. This peel encourages synthesis of collagen and leaves your skin in a hydrated, polished state that positively glows!

  • Lactic Peel: Lactic Acid is a milk-derivative with regenerating and hydrating effects for the skin. It improves the appearance of fine lines, inhibits aging and adds softness and smoothness to the skin. This peel is great for sensitive skin.


  • Sake Peel: The powerful blend of Sake and skin regenerating acids make this an ideal skin peeling solution for all skin types. Sake Peel reduces fine lines, tightens skin, and helps fight free radical damage. This gentle yet effective peel, will refine and renew your skin for a youthful appearance. 


  • Hibiscus Peel: Hibiscus Peel is a non-irritating, phytobioactive peel that accelerates cell turnover while providing skin lightening, healing, and moisturizing benefits.  Great for all skin types, Hibiscus Peel fights the signs of aging and brightens skin tone while improving cell regeneration, giving an instant glow.


  • Flower Acid Peel: Flower Acid Peel is a unique peel that not only creates desquamation and brings about cell renewal utilizing the next generation of flower acids, but provides potent healing and moisturization.  Enhanced with azelaic acid and L-mandelic acid, Flower Acid Peel provides extra support for acne, impure skin conditions and reduces pigmentation issues for many skin types.  


  • Salicylic Acid Peel: Salicylic Peel helps dissolve the top layer of corneum cells and improves the look and feel of the skin. It is anti-bacterial and keratolytic, and helps eliminate clogged pores. Salicylic acid is useful in the treatment of acne and oily skin, scars, and sun-damaged and aging skin. Promoting exfoliation of the skin’s surface cells, salicylic acid is ideal for those desiring a milder exfoliation due to sensitive skin, or for those with rosacea.

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